Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mod Mosaic Saturday

Awesome workshop this Saturday!  Paul from the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild hosted  an all day workshop entitled "Mod Mosaic".  
This workshop is based on Elizabeth Hartman's Mod Mosaic quilt block technique.  It was so fun. 
Here is the beginning of some of my blocks.... chose an aqua-red theme for my mosaic. Plus cups of Stash mint tea... it turned out to be a very lovely afternoon.

This quilt top by Paul - loved the examples of 1/2  inch sashing between fabrics. This tiny sashing which we called 'grout' had a really big impact.
This quilt featured was made in 2011, in a collaborative bee  by the Vancouver Modern Guild,  - the block arrangement by Paul.  This block design is so versatile. Look how graphic and bold it looks with the reds, greys & blacks.

But look at Vera's blocks in soft reds and greys, so soft:
Here is one of Kat's blocks in fresh greens and blues:
Cheryl used bright juvenile prints - very sweet:
I have completed several blocks and haven't been able to decide what fabric to use as a background for my aqua-red blocks. Here is what I have come up with so far....
Above is a pale aqua print by Lecien which I like.
Above are some of my blocks on light grey background.  I like this too.
Above, again, on this teal solid by Moda.  Hmmm.  
 And with yellow solid and below with lime green.
I actually like them all only I imagined using a print as my background. Just an idea that I can't shake but haven't found the right fabric for.... 
Happy Sewing All.

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Paul said...

I actually was told to google myself to see pictures of my quilts, and I came across this posting about the Mod Mosaic workshop. I should have done this sooner and not a year late!!

I see you made some more blocks and they look great. I love the fabrics you chose and the "grout" really goes well with them. I like that turquoise background that you said was a print. In the pic it looks solid. I vote against the yellow or green, though. Doesn't do anything for me. The blues and the grey look great.

How about you cluster them together off-centered, then fill the rest with negative space? Make it a real modern looking quilt. That way you don't need to make any more blocks and can make your quilt as big as you like with the background.

I love your blocks and will be checking your blog to see a finished quilt top with those blocks some day.

Paul Krampitz