Saturday, March 24, 2012

FVMQG Destash

Our Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild will be hosting a member 'De-Stash' at our next meeting.  This gives each of us the opportunity to go through our sewing rooms, baskets, workshops, closets in search of fabrics, notions and other related items that we wish to purge, bring them into our meeting for a 'scrap exchange', any fabrics and notions not claimed will be donated to local church groups looking for fabric donations! 
I chose this Saturday morning to take a good look at my scrap bags!  Oh My!!  This is harder than you would first imagine.  I found it necessary to look through each scrap... (I know) before deeming the bag of scraps worthy of donating.
It surprized me what I couldn't part with, and what I tossed on the heap!  Old vintage looking cottons and prints (some of them stained!) well those I could NOT part with. Yet I tossed many lovely new fabric charms and remnants without a second thought.

Here are the bags of scraps that I will be bringing to our 'De-Stash' in April.... oh someone could make several lovely 'string quilts' with these cottons!  There are at least a dozen zip-loc bags STUFFED full.
This feels good; my sewing room is a little less weighed down... and during this process I re-discovered a few fabrics to add to my Fat Quarter collection.

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Kat said...

Darlene, you are so organized, I am so impressed! Hopefully I'll get my act together and do the same!