Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sewing Treasures

I have been busy.... sewing that is!  Completed 81 double hourglass blocks.  This project will be an album of my bright happy fabrics.
actually.... I have made more than 85 of these 8 inch blocks
 I haven't decided exactly how big this quilt will be. But it should be at least twin-sized, or maybe full. I love this pattern!  I am making small ones now which are sooo sweet.

These blocks are only 4 inches. so cute!

Here is a sampling of wooden spools I won at this week's Silent Auction.

Our quilt guild in Ridge Meadows held a silent auction last Tuesday.  These are some of my treasures that I bid hard for & won  ~  I adore these metal bobbins, they almost make me want to pull out my old Kenmore sewing machine!
A lot of members donated old notions from their sewing rooms - I loved the old vintage instructions on this Dritz Ezy-Hem. This was a great fundraiser, alot of great old sewing notions were quickly snapped up.  All proceeds are for our guild library!
I love these pieces of check fabrics - $1.00 for the three of them.  
Here are more wooden spools of thread. I find looking at these very comforting.  When did they stop putting thread on wooden spools anyways? 

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Sue said...

Hi there!
I don't know when they stopped putting thread on wooden spools, but I sure wish they still did. Those are fantastic.

I love the quilt you are working on. Very adorable fabrics you are using.

Hope you have a great week!