Sunday, November 27, 2011

The beginning of Christmas

Oh it is Grey Cup Sunday here in Canada!  but I spent my day with two dear friends browsing a craft market, and unintentionally found some Christmas spirit. Our date & time to get together had been switched several times... I actually was fuming a bit but really didn't want to miss being together with these two!     It is always mysterious, Christmas spirit I mean; it comes upon you in the most unexpected ways.
Sometime during our time together, our animated conversations & laughing/crying, sharing... 'ping' I was struck!  I do attribute these moments to our long-standing friendship - we have been friends for decades! Old friends are like a mirror; and I usually like what I see in the reflection. It is the passing of time that confirms it - what I see in that same reflection, again and again.  We have changed over the years and yet we are still those same 20-somethings we once were. This might be where my discovery of Christmas spirit has sprung - grateful to have my faith in friendship renewed again and again.
And, along with everything else that Christmas is, it's coming also signals another year's end is almost upon us.  This always makes me nostalgic!
All in all, this was a good day.

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