Thursday, July 14, 2011

French General & the alphabet

 Fabric arrived in the mail today, finally!  That postal strike really made me wait an extra long time for this parcel. But I am very happy with this fabric. It is from the fabric line called "French General". 
I didn't really appreciate the vibe from these prints at first, but I am smitten with them now!  The order was a total of five yards; enough for cushion covers, some table runners & maybe a kitchen window panel. The graphics are so crisp.

 I've become very interested lately in graphic design & typography. It seems a whole new world has opened up for me and I see everything in a slightly different way.  Labels, signs, design graphics have all become more interesting.  The picture above is a custom  order from Sweetwater  "hometown series"- the picture is just a proof, which still requires a bit of editing but when finished it will be a great print on the wall of our dining area.  So fun to add your own personal names & places.
More alphabet influences.....I have been playing with our 'Christmas' letters.... you know those country looking blocks that spell out "Merry Christmas" "Peace" Believe" & "Joy"... well I pulled them from the cupboard to try spelling 'summer' words. I came up with a few, but I have never been a good scrabble player. I am trying to come up with more; actually I really like the idea of 'spelling' words and might just buy more letters to work with.
So fabric, blocks, graphics & the alphabet.... Somehow this path will lead me back to quilting and sewing... but I am enjoying the wander....Have a great weekend all.

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