Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday morning & dishes

Over a month ago, hub took me to Langley and bought me a china hutch I had been admiring. I had been wanting to stack my dishes in it for awhile, this morning was finally the day to arrange them. I have a large collection of "Petite Fleur" by Villeroy & Boch.  I love them and have been collecting over the years. As well, I have dishes from my mom's house, her 'Old Country Rose' set.
My mother became very ill over a year ago and it was necessary for her to move to a nursing home for continual care; and so we  packed up most of her personal belongings to be stored.  Her 'Old Country Rose' dishes were a source of pride . Her china was only used for special occasions, always hand-washed, and remind me of Christmas or Easter, & especially my mother whenever I see this pattern.
I wrapped each piece and packed them with great care when her home was sold last year. I tried to entice each of my sisters to 'adopt' this china, but no one would take them.  The boxes filled with my mom's china have sat in my laundry room for more than a year.
So, this morning I decided to set up my china hutch...
What a fun task... Saturday morning, fresh-brewed coffee to enjoy while I re-arrange my china hutch!  But I kept thinking about my mom's dishes downstairs in bubble wrap.... 
So I brought up all six boxes and unwrapped each item.  
There are a lot a great memories wrapped up with those 'Old Country Rose' dishes.
I must admit it is a very lovely pattern, very dainty, very pretty. And it feels good having them  in a place of their own.

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Unknown said...

A lovely post my friend. I think both those sets of china have found a good home in the new hutch.