Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hydrangeas, hydrangeas 2011

 I love summer and here is one reason why, I really enjoy my garden. I don't consider myself a good gardener but I do know our yard which is very shady. The perfect shrub for our yard are these hydrangeas. I love them and they are so much tougher than they look. I can transplant them; have accidentally 'broken' a shrub when digging it up and both halves always survive! One reason my collection is growing. 
I have learned NOT to fuss too much with them, in other words prune very, very lightly!  But they can be pruned as a way to control their size. If left unchecked and in the right situation (shade, rainfall, soil) these shrubs can grow very large!
It is dawning on me.... that I have a lot of hydrangeas! I don't want to count exactly how many shrubs we have, but almost all my garden spaces are dedicated to these lovely, homey shrubs. Here are some of my mop-headed varieties. I must have a dozen or more of these shrubs.
This little pink shrub is called 'Quick Fire', and doesn't mind the afternoon sun! And I love the pink blooms as they all have lots of creamy yellow mixed in. So pretty. This shrub is only a year old and will easily triple it's size.
Here are more mop-heads which bloom my all favorite hydrangea colors; aqua blue, lime green and purple-blues.  Love them all.
Here is another Quick Fire that I purchased from the SuperStore in Chilliwack two years ago. It has tripled in size already.  The stems of these pink blooms are much sturdier than my mopheads!  Of course, it is lovely having fresh flowers available for inside our home too!  I am cutting bunches and bunches. They are in every room.
I still have my pee-gee varieties (white flowers) and some sturdy dark purple hydrangeas to look forward to, but the blooms on those shrubs are at least a few weeks away. 
I think I can consider myself a serious hydrangea fan!  Have a happy week all.


Cynthia F said...

Wow they're gorgeous Darlene!! Mine haven't even bloomed yet but have little buds- I'll admire yours in the meantime!

Anonymous said...

So in summer I actually find it very beautiful sunflowers. But here in Germany seems to me the summer to be over long ago rather than to start properly. Just feels like 12 degrees Celsius it's been with me today.
But at times to come speak at your flowers in the garden, they look really pretty. But I believe rather that they were not here with me in Germany stand a chance. Which certainly needs a lot of heat.My favorite month is more likely in October as the leaves change color and one in the month naja not consume as much water as in summer.

Lots greeting from Germany Anni-chan

Judy said...

Beautiful hydrangeas! Enjoy your garden.

From another hydrangea fan!