Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Been Gone so long...

I broke my ankle....
These are my beautiful kids, they have been wonderful to me during my 'down time'.  Especially my daughter 'Miss Fresh Face', she really takes good care of me!
Me & Hub
 Good ol' hub has really taken all of this fuss in stride. It has been quite a switch for him, as he now has to wait on me 'hand & foot', he has been great!
The first weekend I was home from hospital, my son & wife came over and made the family dinner! It was delicious and  a lovely treat.  We really enjoyed the meal and the leftovers were appreciated too!

Wonderful dinner made by my wonderful kids!

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Knatolee said...

ow ow ow, hope your ankle is healing up fast!! Great kids, yummy meal, good hubby too! :)