Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I have been doing now that I have some time to spend....

I am home from work for a few weeks recovering from a broken ankle. The first week home from hospital was more about pain management & learning how to get from the bed to the washroom & back to the bed. Also trying to keep my foot elevated when I really was feeling restless & just wanted to go outside.  My family brought meals to my bed, cups of tea, and took care of me from 'head to toe'. I am being well taken care of.
But a few weeks have gone by now and I am not afraid to get around on my crutches so I have ventured into my little sewing room  (it is only across the hall).  I am so thankful for all the supplies of fabrics and thread I have stocked up! What a treat. I simply had to learn to use my left foot rather than my right to work the sewing pedal and I was all set.
This is what I have been up to.
This is the first of two tablerunners that I have sewn. This fabric (isn't it fabulous?!) is called "Hello Betty" from Moda fabrics. I collected the entire line of these '1930's style fabrics. I love 1930's style fabrics!!

 This runner is approximately 63" in length. Please note the addition of 'prairie points' on the ends, a la one of my favourite bloggers "Pleasant Home" (such a great blog!).  I am happy that I collected alot of this fabric as it has been discontinued, but I do have enough for at least one if not two quilts (so long as I mix it in with some other fabrics!)
 I love collecting white milk glass & have built up quite a nice collection.  I say 'no wonder' I like retro fabrics so much, they give off the 'same vibe' as my milk glass pieces. So pretty, yet so 'everyday'. I think that is what I like most about them , they seem so familiar....
OK, last shot of my 'Hello Betty' runner. Cute, isn't it?


jodi@Pleasant-Home said...

How cute is that! ADORABLE!!! Seriously. Love everything about it.

Darlene said...

OK ! My week has been 'made'! Jodi from Pleasant Home commented on my (!) blog post. Cool.

Anonymous said...

Another winner Darlene - love it!