Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall Projects

These photos are kind of a scrap quilt in progress.  The reason this is to be a Fall Project is because this quilt top needs to be sandwiched and quilted this fall.
Hence the title, "fall project".

This will be a very useful blanket this winter. Kind of a napping blanket for the sofa!

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Unknown said...

I just wrote the most wonderful comment on your fall scrap quilt and the stupid Google wouldn't let me post it :(

It was all about why i am going to secretly call this quilt the Human Process Quilt because it seems to be about bring all the parts together and making a cohesive whole, even when it mights eem like the parts don't belong together *sigh* Only what I wrote before was better. More pithy. Anyway, I think it is a beauty with a really 'homey' feela nd will make a great couch blanket - including its weighty name from me!