Monday, September 20, 2010

Camera Collection

Did I mention that I lost my camera earlier this month?  I am so sad about it. I really loved my cute little blue digital Nikon.  I had that camera for years, taken so many great  Christmas & birthday pictures. Carried it with me everywhere when in Europe last March.  But no, I lost it on a shopping trip in the city with a girlfriend, it probably fell out of my bag when I was rearranging things in my big purse.  sigh.
Cabinet-adorable!         Valley Direct Furniture

A fun thing I did with my camera was to take pictures of things I see when I go shopping.  A kind of digital record of what I liked. Each time when I got home I would upload these pictures onto my laptop, it is almost like reliving the day, well no it is more like collecting ideas & inspirations.   I will be replacing my camera soon - it is hard to do without one.

But until I do replace my camera, I am so glad that I have a folder full of pictures that I haven't looked at in awhile. Like this cute cabinet.Even though I took this picture during the summer, it reminds me of Christmas.

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