Friday, September 17, 2010

Autumn rituals

One of my favourite September rituals is getting my garden ready for winter. Now I haven't gotten it ready yet,lots to do, but this must be done this month. In the Fraser Valley where we live, there is a wonderful plant nursery, called Devan Greenhouses in Aldergrove BC, this is the place to buy plants.  See all the baby plants growing in the picture below?  
In spring, this is the best place to purchase hanging baskets, and in the fall I always like to see what perennials are available. There is a different selection each year.
These pictures are meant to inspire me to get outside this weekend and garden!

I only bought 2 of these hyssops, Their leaves smell so pretty and they have really funky purple-blue flowers, and perennial too! How great is that!

These sedums are awesome. They are tough survivors in any garden.


Anonymous said...

Huhu Darlene,

At my house there this ritual de big garden for the winter. These plants are, however, I believe we can not buy. Tues if you would have to be imported from Canada. Once the plants are very expensive because when you? I would be interested times. Best wishes Anne

PS: When you would like you can visit my Blog:

Unknown said...

Hey dar! Love the new wallpaper on your blog. I saw your post and used sedlum in my centrepieces at the Saturday night dinner. That way, you were there in spirit. Also enjoying reading the comments from Anne.