Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cute little watermelons

This is yet another ode to the season, summer that is! Look at how adorably cute this little watermelon is. 

It size is advantageous for another reason, the fridge puzzle game.... You know...  after you come back from Costco or wherever with a sizeable grocery order,  before putting your food items away you first must wash the shelves and then re-arrange all the contents of your fridge to accommodate the newly purchased items. This is what I call the 'fridge puzzle' - I am especially good at it during the Christmas week when there are so many different varieties of food and leftovers to fit back into our family's fridge.
But these lovely small cuties.... these sweet watermelons are a perfect size and so easy to fit inside.
Oh and just a quick note about this sweet vintage-looking fabric that I purchased for a 'song' at Fabricland yesterday. Yes, Fabricland  opened another location in town, to my surprize. I went there looking for thread as my supplies are running low and found this fabric in the back of the store in the 'bargain $4 / metre section' and...get this....everything yesterday was 50% off!  So only $2 / metre for this really cute fabric.... I thought it would be best to purchase 10 metres, and I did!

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