Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Laundry

This posting is just another way to celebrate the season... summer that is! One of my favourite things about this time of year is hanging out our family's clothes to dry. It has been so nice & warm lately that things dry outside very quickly. I hung wet sheets and pillow cases out over the railings and they were all dry in an hour! So nice.

Most everything on hangers can simply be hung up afterwards in the closet, usually no ironing is necessary. Everything smells so fresh too. The entire backyard smelled like the laundry room!  Great way to spend a morning, I love summer.


Unknown said...

Your deck is looking wonderful! (even with all the laundry hanging over it) Who knew it could double as an outdoor linen-airing cupboard?

PS - I love the little clock icon on your blog!


Anonymous said...


Your deck looks so truly enchanting. So one I had liked as a child and always dreamed about. But well ic guess that this here in Germany unfortunately is not possible. There you have it a little bit better. ^ ^ But well dreams are there to dream it.

Bye bye Anni

PS: I wish you a nice sunny weekend.