Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fresh Modern Quilters...what a fine notion

There is a movement in the quilting world towards less traditional, more colorful (?), more improv-style quilting. At least that is how I would describe it. And I love it! 
If you want to see what I am referring to, take a look at the link below. Beautiful pictures of quilts in progress posted for all to see.  Wonderful.

It seems to fit in with my desire to build a 'fabric stash' and outfit my tiny sewing room full of ric rac, cottons and wicker baskets filled with colorful inspiration!And often, start projects that aren't completed for months!  but truthfully, I always do end up completing what I have started, just not immediately.  Other inspirations just call me away.....
 I simply let the fabrics be my inspiration - it is so fun. I have this lovely collection of 'cherry-print' fabrics and haven't really come up with a pattern that makes me want to start cutting. But I love the 'squares' that I see in the Modern quilts, not quite log cabin but they really do showcase the prints.  So that is what I have chosen for this project.  I love the bright happy colours.
And yes, I do have a sewing room of my own to work in, but as I get up 'ridiculously' early (5am usually..... hey I am middle-aged!)  I was worried that the noise would disturb Hub - you see my sewing room is upstairs across from our bedroom.  So I thought I would bring down all of these colorful fabrics and spread them out all over the kitchen island.  Besides the coffee is closer this way!


Unknown said...

oooooohhh - I love the new look of your blog and your cheery cherry post! What fun you will have dreaming up your new quilt.

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

Hey...yeah. I had to change things up a bit on my blog page as I kept finding these cute gadgets and buttons to post on my page. It works better if I have two side columns to accommodate them all!

Anonymous said...


Wow, the pattern looks really gorgeous with the cherries. Where can you take her only the creativity, inspiration and ideas? And since when you are so on quilts from? Seems even with you for quite a while to be right? I admire this hobby very much. The Japanese are as far as I have heard much in coming. And I even have me in the neighboring town was discovered quilt. A business just for the quilt fans in Germany. Is not that crass?

Until then

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

Thank you Anni! Yes, I love sewing and quilting. The Japanese do have lots of lovely fabrics which are very popular.
But I like American style patterns the best, especially ones that look very old fashioned.

have a great week!