Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ric Rac

These are the goodies that arrived by mail this week, and all on a Friday afternoon too. More cherry fabric, no surprize there, but I also found some cute fabric remnants on sale and thought I would order them in and check them out. I am not disappointed.
The best of my Friday arrivals, was my order of ric-rac. Yup, ric-rac.
Look at these beauties! Of course this is only a small sampling of what is available out there in 'online shopping-land'.  There is giant ric-rac to be had ( 1 1/2" wide), also pin-dotted ric-rac, and so many colours!  I feel a new collection coming on. And I admit I have more to arrive by mail next week!
As sewing pursuits have become more specialized, ie: beautiful quilt stores abound while many 'big chain' sewing stores have closed up shop and left town;  now the choice of sewing sundries have become less readily available.  I mean ric rac, eyelet lace & ribbon trims were things commonly sold at the Five & Dime, or at least there was a wall of them available to the home sewer upon visiting Hooge Fashion Fabrics or a Fabricland outlet.  They usually sold at pennies a yard, or prepackaged, wound around a piece of cardboard for a $1.19 a pack. 
These new acquisitions are not very expensive at all, but I still felt compelled to acknowledge the end of an era, & the beginning of a new one. I admit I do love the choices available.

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