Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cherry Fabric Pillowcase

Here is nice sampling of fabric by Moda from the series called "Oh Cherry Oh!" which I used to whip up this pillowcase.  And yes, it is very cute. Let's face it, red & white is a great combination.
 I bought my Mom a new pillow, one of those memory-foam ones with a heavy-duty hygienic cover. But of course it needed a bright new pillowcase to go with it. So I quickly pulled out these samples from my sewing stash ( it is thrilling to be able to casually write about my fabric stash!) ,these are very pretty & were fun to sew up.

I am dedicating this short post to my friend Eileen; she was the 'queen' of the quick, fun sewing projects. there was always something that she had on-the-go, and she always had something to show me whenever I popped by for a visit. I am referring to the days when hers & mine children were school-aged. She talked me into buying then taught me how to use my serger sewing machine. She did this by first teaching me how to use hers! I admit, I was hooked.After that, there was no end to the amount of 'jogging' pants & hoodies my children wore.
Her sewing room was crammed into the family laundry-room downstairs in their house when she lived down the street from me. It was fun to walk by her place as I came home from the local elementary school. If she saw me, she would call out an invitation to see what was going on 'in her lab', as she called it. Sigh! She made sewing exciting. Actually sewing was exciting then as it seemed any little thing I did mattered.
So Eileen, my friend, if you are reading this - this post is dedicated to you.


Unknown said...

I think your mom will have beautiful dreams on this pillowcase. Possibly even filled with pies - cheery cherry pies - and dreams of pies are among the best dreams to have.

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

why thank you! Sewing a pillowcase is quite satisfying. I have a sense that this item could be 'my' Christmas gift this coming December. New memory foam pillow plus a funky pillowcase.