Friday, June 25, 2010

Hydrangeas, hydrangeas

I warn you in advance this post is  an unabashed opportunity to show off more pictures of my garden. Perhaps it is silly, but I am so pleased to have so many flowers this year.
Last year there were none as I had severely pruned my shrubs the previous fall. A terrible mistake because as I know now, if you severely prune back mophead hydrangeas in the fall you cut off all the buds and the sad result will be no flowers. So I am so pleased with the amount of flowers  blooming this year! I simply remembered to do nothing. This is a great result from doing nothing.

I have a favourite fantasy that each June I host an annual 'Garden Party' for my friends. This yearly event is always a charming luncheon for twenty or more dear friends and fellow gardeners. We sip lemonade, eat tiny sandwiches and enjoy strawberry shortcake. After lunch each friend then fills a container full of hydrangeas to take home as a memento from the day.  I really like this daydream.

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