Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintage September

Ah, what a lovely month this September is turning out to be! It seems silly to dread its' arrival, and now I am enthralled.  Enthralled with autumn arriving and under very sunny skies!  If you aren't familiar with our usual weather here in the Fraser Valley  - it is a very rainy valley. Not these past few months!
Now this should be my last (for a little while) post about my vintage kitchenware finds.  I just love perusing our local thrift stores looking for discarded 'treasures',  Cuz I usually find lots of them!  Yesterday, on my lunch break, I really lucked out. I fell hard for this little cup, then discovered it was part a snack-set, seven in all.  Oh so lovely & collectible.

This casserole set by Fire King has a milk glass lid!  Oh my.
I also found more glass bakeware to add to my collection & more Visions cookware too(both not pictured); sometimes thrifting can be like having dollars to spend in a penny candy store. So much to choose from; I am learning to be selective. Sigh, but am still amazed at what I can find! 
Yup, I found another chicken to add to my chicken collection... I know but what can I say?

These vintage milk glass snack sets just captured my heart. Oh how I love milk glass.
Now this coming weekend I will be at a sewing/quilting retreat with a wonderful group of creative women. So next week, lots & lots of sewing project to be shared.
Have a great week all !

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