Sunday, September 9, 2012

Vintage Love continues

Welcome September!
To be honest, I really didn't want to see you for at least another month. I never want summer to end, but that is the 'middle-age' me talking cuz when I was a kid I just loved back to school.  I really did - I loved everything about it. The routine, new teachers, homework (yes, I was a geek) and I especially loved back-to-school clothes and supplies.
Now I am (much) older, and summertime represents many lovely things that I didn't realize when I was young.  
When I was a young mom - summer represented fun days with my kids and summer vacations. More time with my garden and long visits with my parents and no school lunches nor school activities that I had to drive to.... Summer was my favourite time. 
Now, 'middle age me' sees that life is short, and sometimes the 'busyness' of our daily routines can take us away from what really matters.... So I am trying to not waste time, and make the most of every day.

  But all that said, the reality of 'September' must be enjoyed along with all carefree days that came before it. And, this all ties into my 'life theme'(as of late) of Vintage Love. Er... I am just going with it!  So I will be sewing quilts, cleaning up my garden for fall, buying those jumbo mums at Costco, and packing up all my summer clothes.

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