Monday, July 16, 2012

Treasure Hunt Finds...continues...

So, I have made myself a promise which I have kept - whenever I bring new (or new to me) purchases home, I must eject items no longer needed from our house. So I start weeding out closets, the back of cupboards and storage areas. We have lived in this house for twenty-six years and this house is not cluttered.  You can actually find some empty shelves here and there. (Just not in my closet....just saying).
So, this is what I came up with on the weekend - I brought home such great finds on Friday and knew that I would find some things today too.
Note the space on the top shelf of my dish cabinet. This space will be dedicated to a pink Pyrex collection that I intend to build for Ms Freshface.
And yes, I did find a few nice finds today! I found a pink Pyrex daisy casserole with a lid (!) I couldn't believe it when I saw it sitting there on the shelf - with a yellow sticker (half off!). And there is always room in my basket for another pie plate; I tell myself, the cashier, anyone who will listen that I am buying them for my daughter, but that really isn't true.
And LOOK at this sweet roaster - can it be any cuter!?  and it had a yellow sticker (yup, half off).
My grandmother Beatrice had a set of these fiesta dishes - another yellow sticker find but I would have paid a lot for it - it  captured my heart.
These two casserole sets are now sitting on the top shelf!
Specks, our kitten is trying to get into one of my vintage baskets, and messing up my fabrics too.

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Claudine from said...

Dear Darlene!
I am so glad you gave me your site!
I followed you but somehow my photo did not show up? I am on my computer, but I am on vacation so perhaps because I am on a new network my profile did not come up as always??
Who knows... Anyway, I love the casseroles, specially the pink ones!I went to Fort Langley a few weeks ago and thought of you, lots of milk glass! The only problem is that they are more expensive than the thrift shops. I will keep in touch! I love your rule to bring something in and take something out! Claudine