Saturday, July 14, 2012

Treasure Hunt Finds...

Oh I think Friday (the 13th!) ended up being my very lucky day.  It was one of those days by mid-afternoon, I thought to myself, 'gosh I like my life'.  I mean I am pleased by the simplest things!  I really am.  Look what is tickling my fancy this weekend:
Our hydrangea shrubs are finally blooming! This means every nook and cranny of our home is filled up with flowers. I just love that about summer.
My quest for colored knitting needles continues -look I found these cute orange ones in a thrift shop in Mission BC.  And one blue needle - still looking for blue knitting needles..... The hunt continues.
Our kitten now weighs 3 pounds!  he is much loved and very at home at our house.
This was my score for the weekend!  I love needlework, not necessarily my own, but this was hanging up on the wall of our local MCC thrift shop and when I brought it to the till - half price! OMG !!
 I just love the vintage vibe!  the colors are lovely and it is soooo clean and fresh. I wish I knew whose work it is. But I have rescued it and it will be a cherished addition to my kitchen wall.
AND I found the little sister (1 1/2 quart size) of my snowflake pyrex casserole dish.  Now I need to hunt for lids....
Our kitten Specks hopes you are enjoying your summer!

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