Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ode to a rainy weekend - June 2012

This is what happens when it is a rainy weekend - not so much gardening, but I do start to forage around in my craft closet....Look what I found!  This is a WIP (work in progress) from the early 1990's. Good grief!  I took one look at that button hair and fell in love all over again. Good news is that I still have the pattern... anyone remember this cutie from the 80's?  I made this 'Amish' doll dozens of times.  Those were the days without internet, blogs or Pinterest. Yup, I spent hours in the fabric stores going through the pattern catalogues for inspiration!
As you can see, I 'added' the button detail hair and will stitch a face on my dollie.  Also I am happy to be making doll clothes now, in 2012 as I have the cutest vintage-style fabrics to choose from....
Running errands yesterday - shopping for kitten supplies when I found myself in the checkout at Walmart...It was the title of this magazine that took my eye. I admit it, but how cute and it is filled with reader recipes!
OK, this is the situation in the garden... very, very wet and rainy...
Our new kitten has a name; hub named him Specks. And so it shall be. He is very sweet and will be a lovely addition to our household.

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