Friday, June 22, 2012

Ode to a rainy weekend continues - June 2012

Oh here it is Friday, and the weather network predicts more rain, rain, rain this weekend! I am holding out for the month of July... the forecast looks sunny; I can't wait. In the meantime more sewing, a bit o' baking and housework for me.  Although I do enjoy being out in my garden, I admit that I feel more inspired to stay outside when it is sunny.

This is what has occupied my attention this week during this rainy beginning of summer...
 I have been exploring the local thrift stores as I am on a quest to find sweet vintage Pyrex for my kitchen.  Look at this lovely snowflake 2 1/2 quart casserole.It costs a few dollars and it is practical and beautiful. LOVE.
I really love glass dishes and decided to collect mismatched pieces for everyday use. So I donated our everyday set and have been finding dinner, snack-sized plates, little bowls to replace them;  I love their vintage look and glass is so easy to scour clean.  This has been very fun to collect as I always find something and usually it only cost pennies a piece!
But my favourite scores have been old pyrex - I have now traded all my corning-ware for these lovelies! I am building a nice collection and this is a collectible that gets used! It's part of their charm I think; these everyday 20th century items still being appreciated now.
 Speaking of 20th century items... look at these sweet spools that arrived by post. These are from an old textile mill and are loaded with charm. They are now used  to separate all of my ric-rac trim.
I have lots of colours of ric-rac - I am a bit of a notion 'nut', and love trims and lace.  These old spools come in many sizes and there are lots to see on Etsy.
And let's not forget the wonderful buttons... these came from a cute Etsy shop 'RachelFound'. Okay, Ms Freshface just texted that she wants to meet for breakfast!
Happy Weekend All.

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