Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ode to sunny Saturday - May 2012

Oh I am sitting in glorious sunshine on our back deck, with a fresh cup o' jo.  I am giving myself another 30 minutes of lounge time and then I will get to work!  This will be a gardening Saturday, oh yeah.
I am feeling very happy and grateful. Look at my lovely 'early garden bounty'.
This rhubarb made a lovely coffee cake, and also provided over 4 cups of stewed fruit for our cereal and yogourt this week. Love rhubarb! 

Lilacs, from a 'forgotten' shrub on the side of our house.  So many times have I contemplated having the shrub removed.... and every May I am glad that it remains.
Further things to mull over on a sunny Saturday.... I attended the Langley Quilters Guild Quilt Show last night; it was breath-taking. So much talent. My contribution was shopping in their Merchant's market:

Loving how nicely these 1930's prints match my lilacs!
And in closing, just wanted to post a few pictures of my all time favourite pick from the Langley Quilters Show last night!  A very colorful Pickle Dish!!

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Unknown said...

Beautiful sunny Saturday post, Darlene. Just love the colours and the themes. So happy that the good weather is here - and your post just makes me want to celebrate!