Friday, April 20, 2012

Bee Block Buzz

This year I am lucky to be part of a 'Bee Block' party with other quilters, near and far!  There are fourteen members of this Quilt Bee and the 'Bee' will run for fourteen months.  Each month one of us becomes the 'Queen Bee'.   I am Queen Bee this July 2012.... so excited. Which means that in July, everyone in the Bee will be sewing my quilt blocks!  I must mail out a package of fabrics & instructions to each Bee Block member before the end of June ; they sew up my blocks and mail them back.  The fun is that we upload all photos to Flickr and share our progress. Sounds fun?  Sure, and a bit intimidating!  We have some powerfully talented members and I don't want to send out boring blocks!

Each month, another 'Queen Bee' is in charge of the blocks.   I am looking forward to my month - only I have to choose.... a design, color, fabrics.... wow!
Okay, this is what I have been looking at so far.
I know!  This inspiration is from one of my favourite blogs, and I think she is a favourite amongst alot of quilters.... Tall Grass Prairie Studio. She provides a lovely tutorial to make your spiderweb block here. What I love is her use of colorful selvages mixed with bright fabrics! Very punchy!   I have so many fabrics that would work in this quilt..... I do really like this one!

OKay, so this is another scrappy beauty that I am considering....
This block has lots of potential.  And I love the cross design, and the use of solids with scrappy prints!  This also might be the one!

Here is another gorgeous quilt that would be a great Bee Block...It is called "Roman Stripe" - again I am loving the solids with the scrappy stripes.  The inspiration originally came from the book "Bee Block Party". Awesome.
Last and not least is this lovely...  An inspiring project from another fave blog, Film in the Fridge called  Scrappy Triangles.  
You will find a great tutorial for this block.  I love it too!  So... ?   Any thoughts?  I have got the scraps!  And I have got solids.... Ah.


Cynthia F said...

Oooh I can't wait to see what you come up with for July!! Thanks for bee-ing in our Bee, I absolutely adore the heart blocks you made for me!! :D

Anonymous said...

Those are great looking blocks for a Bee. I joined my first quilting bee this year and my month is October. I have thought of and have changed my mind on what I might do at least 5 times already. I love your little table topper with the prairie points.