Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sewing Loot

Our Modern Quilt Guild met last Thursday; always inspiring.  Our meetings are scheduled to last two hours but I have noticed lately that slowly we seem to be reluctant to call it a night!
There is just so much information, inspiration, show n tells and 'buzz' to take in; sometimes two hours  just isn't enough time.
Besides it took me another hour or more once I got home .... wow. I had many quilts, colors swirling around in my mind.... I couldn't get to sleep right away.
So here it is Saturday morning, and I have laid out all my 'loot' from our guild meeting. My awesome doorprize from Happy Sew Lucky; my fat quarter swap (monthly event - so fun); my Meadowsweet fabrics from our dear Eryn Trent Fraser, plus custom designed fabric to make bunting for an upcoming Sewing show.
 Just in time for Valentine's Day.... beautiful bunting from Happy Sew Lucky.  This is getting sewn today!  And some really sweet Anne Taintor coasters (love Anne Taintor)

I brought a few spools of Aurafil thread that I purchased at the Bent Needle in Mission BC last weekend.  Aurafil thread is so lovely to sew with!  I am a true fan. Besides one of my resolutions for 2012 is to learn more about threads and needles... (really). 
 One of our members (Eryn) is a self proclaimed fabric hoarder, who occasionally 'purges' fabrics from her vast collection.  These are some of the lovelies that I have taken off her hands.  LOVE.
 And many members of our guild, belong to other guilds (myself included) and we do like to reach out to support each other.  This is my raffle ticket for the Langley Quilters' Guild.
Happy Sewing All.


Holly said...

Sounds like a wonderful meeting, Darlene! Can't wait to see both banners (the Valentine's one and the FVMQG one) once they're finished!

Anonymous said...

Wow great pile of loot. Love seeing all the stash happiness.