Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Door prizes

It has been awhile since I placed an order of books to be shipped by mail.  I seem to be getting into the habit of reading online.  I said that I never would do it, but I find that I do, and all the time. But there is something satisfying about holding a book in my hands, especially a craft book!
The book "Pretty in Patchwork" was a door prize at our Modern Quilt Guild retreat which I did not win. But I was sure to include it in this order.

This is to come (in the mail!). Three of these books I have looked at front to back and they are 'keepers'.  The book by Elizabeth Hartman of fame, I am sure will not disappoint.


Anonymous said...

Hello Darlene,

First of congratulations to your new books, they are certainly very interesting. I wanted to comment that even what to say to your new quilt with the tree from the last post. This is really very pretty and sweet. But now its because of this little comment to me now for this year 2012, when the year has just begun the last. After a heavy heart after 1 year I take my leave now of and elsewhere will pitch my tent writing. I'm looking at you but still regularly pass, and you can read one or two comments there. I wish, in any case, all the best and maybe you read so times each.

Until then, best wishes Anni-chan

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

Anni-chan: have a happy year in 2012. All the best to you and your family!
Keep writing!