Thursday, December 15, 2011

Countdown to Christmas - week three

Oh this month is progressing very quickly! I am crossing off events on my December calendar very quickly.... two guild December holiday celebrations - check.  Family Christmas Get-together dinner - check!  It seemed that I looked forward to these Christmas events for so long, and in a blink they have passed.  Tomorrow will be our departments' potluck luncheon & after that Christmas break is one week away.  I haven't wrapped any of my gifts nor have I completed my gift shopping!  Today I am home with a bit of flu/headache, etc.... Not being very productive today. Hence this post midweek!
On a bright note, I have begun my Christmas baking, and hub is my taste tester.   These lemon tarts, maybe a little tooooo tart, will be goodies for hub to eat.  Good, but perhaps a little less lemon zest next batch.   I have made butter tarts (& stashed them in the downstairs freezer) and up next are my whipped shortbread - always good.
Another bright note; look at this really sweet bag that Barb from our FVMQG made for me!  She embroidered my name on the handle - I love it.  Plus it is reversible too.  And look at the sweet piece of fabric she gave me!  Thirties inspired and turquoise - LOVE - LOVE 1930's fabrics and especially turquoise.  Thanks Barb, now I must think of something good to spring on you in the New Year!

Christmas is definitely in the air.   Merry Merry all !!

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Sue said...

I do hope you get to feeling better. It's not feeling ill at the holidays!

It surely is a hustle and bustle time of the year but oh so fun too!

Those lemon tarts sure look good. My husband likes to taste test my food too. He's pretty handy for that ! :D

Merry Christmas to you and I hope you get better soon.