Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Outer Order adds to Inner Calm

Working on house projects... & enjoying putting finishing touches on our 'library' (aka our old dining-room, kid's computer room) but hub & I now realize that we need more shelving - as there are lots more books to shelve yet.  I enjoy sorting through the books we stored away - never to be given away - like Goosebumps & The Babysitter's Club chapter books. Volumes of memories... However there are a couple of very messy closets that I have pledged to clean out this coming month so further puttering with our book collections will have to wait! 
But this afternoon I am savoring our library books collected over the years.


Anonymous said...


Oh how beautiful, house designs. You Pimpster your house so you can see auf.Wie be like in the photo, you're done with your little library. I just hope you have non-grow because of the books at some point. =)I enjoy the weather with a cool drink and have to think whether I am doing next week to give some books back to the times libaries. Catch my shelves I think slowly becoming the rebel again. Many greetings from Germany sends you Anni-chan

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

many greetings to you my friend!!