Friday, April 1, 2011

Gosh I love Walmart

There is alot of pleasure to be realized when shopping at Walmart. I am talking about browsing the store without any one thing in mind.  For everyday household items like Pyrex pie plates, Corningware casserole sets, kitchen utensils or Rubbermaid containers for storage - it can't be outdone.  For some unknown reason, wandering the aisles of Walmart is very soothing. When I come across a good bargain and it is something useful as well - then it was  time well spent!
The same experience can be realized when combing through thrift stores or garage sales, but the discoveries may be of a different sort.
These are a few of the Libbey brand glasses that I purchased yesterday; this was a set of 16 & total cost came to approx 91 cents a glass! Amazing.  And the matching pitcher -  the third I have purchased, was only $6.97 - deal!  It is the design that drew me in - very mid 20th century looking - vintage!  The name of the design on the box  EXCLAMATION !  perfect.

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