Monday, January 31, 2011

The More Productive I am.....

This is my mantra for the week:
The more productive I am, the luckier I will become.
OK, if you are wondering... what is up with the quote?   Well currently I am hooked into looking up a new mantra each week based on this posting: 
I probably need more explanation,  like about the 'luckier' part,  but you know what??  It is a New Year, and I am just going to go with it.  I have saved this posting where I re-read it each week.   I just scan down the list and pick what looks good to me.... there are 52 of them!  What does amaze me is that whatever I choose always seems to fit!  Trusting my instincts.
Besides, I am 'jazzed up' about the whole notion of productivity and the 'practical', especially after this past weekend's workshop, and I like the word 'Practical',  perhaps because the word 'practice' is built right in! 
Practice is great!
On that note but before I go.... I wanted to post a few photos of inspirations/aspirations as a dear friend and sewing companion is planning a Quilting Retreat for this coming March (so excited) I think I have found my project to work on at the retreat.... 
Check it out!!
This pattern just 'speaks' to me; and it is saying "Sew me!"

I love this pattern, as it is 'scrappy' ( lots of different fabrics, in small pieces) which entails sharing of fabrics amongst sewing friends! That in itself will make this project special. This will probably be 'it'!

But I am looking at this pattern too! I just love this pattern, it is an 'American Jane' pattern (aka Sandy Klop design). I love all things 'American Jane' especially her fabric lines.  So vintagey! 
Happy sewing and productivity Everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Darlene,

Oh your mantra looks really interesting for me I have to look sagen.Ich same time the other URLs to hope and time for a positive result for you with the next pieces. I f any case forward to the next send Bider from you. If you like you can indeed look at the homepage look d are also expert examiner to such a patchwork pictures of other quilters. Because the offer in the way, many thanks for the info!

Bye bye Anni-chan

Unknown said...

Love this and the links you are making with passion, productivity, practice, practical - all p words! Plus your blog is looking just beautiful! And thanks for sharing the workshop love...

Cynthia F said...

Wow- I love these quilts- what is the pattern for the first one you are considering? It's very you!
ps I emailed you re: our new site for the FV Modern Quilt Guild! ;))