Thursday, November 4, 2010

Quilt Essentials

Yesterday, the 3rd of November, it reached 20 degress celsius! Yup, the sun roof was definitely open and the leaves are very lovely and colorful this year, all dry and crunchy full of that wonderful leafy smell that only comes at this time of year.  So hub took me out to lunch and then to our wonderful quilt shop so I could stock up with a few goodies!
A few choice pieces of Christmas type fabrics, plus a lovely big piece of linen for my fabric stash! Quilt Essentials had some lovely pieces in their 'Buy One, get One' cupboard. Another great way to build your fabric stash!
I have added a few more pieces of 'Bliss' to my collection. I really love the vintage feel to this collection and the aqua & red combo is very pleasing.
If you live in the Fraser Valley, I recommend Quilt Essentials - very helpful and great fabrics.

Host of the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild and many wonderfully fun classes.  Happy Sewing !!

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