Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mod Mats

Before I jump into Christmas with both feet, I am still spending alot of time in my little sewing room.  The quilting fabric comes by mail each week and I am bravely cutting into it. If you do not hoard fabric, you will not know the significance of my bravery, but really.... it is soooo hard to cut up the beautiful Heather Bailey Pop Garden prints, or the lovely Moda American Jane 1930's vintage style fabrics.... but I do!  
I just order more to help with the little pain  of regret that I feel when I have used something all up.  I must try to think of quilting fabrics as a way of  'quilting my fabric & having it too' . 
Lately I have been sewing together bits & scraps of my fabrics to come up with what I call my Mod Mats.  They are fun - there are no rules or patterns, just pick colors from the big pile  and sew them together.  All good.
I have made several of these little Mod Mats, and I find that I love having them all around the house. They seems to elevate everyday items in a way that makes me smile.

This Flickr photo from the Pleasant Home Scrap group was my inspiration and 'jumping off point'. I loved the mod feel and the humbleness / simplicity of this project.

This was my version of the above project. Note the really cute  scraps of Heather Bailey & Sandi Henderson prints.  It cheered me up to use up every little bit!  This little project now sits on our kitchen island with our fruit bowl. It looks very lovely.

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