Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hello Betty

I know I am repeating myself, but I began sewing during the early 1970's.....I don't know why I enjoy acknowledging that, but I do.  Kind of like yesterday, when hub took me out for lunch and I suggested the new Denny's in town.... I just had to let the hostess know that I used to waitress at Denny's during the late 1970's, again..... I don't know why but it was fun to admit that.  And on the subject of Denny's, good 'diner-style' food !  And the decor has definitely improved, ha!
"Hello Betty" is the name of a line of fabric from Moda, and I love it big time and covet my collection (not that you could tell by the way it is shamelessly tossed into a big basket in my sewingroom.  But the truth about quilting & decor fabrics today, opposed to yesterday is that new design lines come out all the time and hence fabric lines have a short shelf life and then are discontinued.
So "Hello Betty", which I have a big crush on, is discontinued....but I do have lots and I intend to make use of every. little. scrap. of. it.
There seems to be some type of 'Scrap Happy' type of fever going around the blogosphere, a la Jodi at Pleasant Home, no doubt! You should check it out - Jodi is awesome and has really started something. So I have been creating little scrappy 'Mod Mats' as I like to call them endlessly. Some are only 10 inches square, others are a couple of blocks put together. There is something very satisfying about using up little bits & pieces of scrap fabrics - just letting color choice be my guide. Fun!

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