Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Really love these colors... or I am seeing a 'FarmChick' influence out in the world ?

This came in the mail today!  What a treat. I think if I am going to immerse myself in my sewing room, I want it to be full of bright beautiful colors.
No Civil War era prints for me! The prints below are all Heather Bailey, I love her stuff.

I have learned to stop questioning 'why'   -  when a certain color scheme just seems to be 'it',  instead I just go with it.  Always happy when I do.  Lately I am being heavily influenced by what I would describe as a light & fun color combo that I  call "FarmChicks".  Primary colors (red, blue, yellow) plus aqua, green & pink - don't know why, something about it,  happy & calming at the same time. I am just loving it! 
It started with my love of 1930's retro prints and now has started to roll.  And because I have this idea in mind, I see this influence everywhere! Check out a small sampling of what is influencing me lately. Most of these designs come from Anka's Treasures aka the fun, bright designing mind of Heather Mulder Peterson.

This beauty is from Cluck, Cluck, Sew....I saw it and immediately ordered the pattern!!

Just love these adorably cute little blocks!

See what I mean about the 'color combo'? Love it!

You can see what I mean? Right?

Happy Sewing Everyone!


Anonymous said...


Your quilts are really very pretty. The light blue like that. The pink pillows far too. Do you take more substances with patterns? I like the Christmas fabrics so much I have to say. A friend had made a star out of Christmas fabric and this is wirkich great. Then they had fought with red and salmon is a set Geachte that. I'll show my homepage looks like it does. Hope tomorrow the ego can upload to my website. Then just look on the start page after.

Lots greetings form Germany your Anni-chan

Knatolee said...

Such gorgeous colours!

Aunt Spicy said...

I love all the glimpses of Urban Chiks Swell and Sweet! So fun!