Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer quilt projects...

I have been collecting various quilting fabrics, actually I have been gushing about how plentiful the choices are now-a-days compared with when I began sewing in the 1970's. You know you must be getting older when ...
I have been building a nice collection of what is known as '1930's' prints. This started when I entered a draw to win a package of free FQ's (fat quarters, or 1/4 yards of fabric - for those of you not in the know). To enter this contest you simply had to explain why you wanted to win these 1930's style fabrics. I was intrigued..."why my mother was born in 1935" I told them, and I won! How nice.
I have decided to create a large pinwheel pattern quilt for my mom. Something cheery for her new room. Of course I started collecting more of this depression-era fabric and now I have a lovely selection. I am piecing up to 5 blocks each evening after work. At this rate I should have the top of the quilt sewn together by the end of June.

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