Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cherry Fabrics....soon to become another summer quilt project

Moda fabrics has a great line of fabrics named 'Oh Cherry Oh'. How cute is that? But in fact there are many varieties of cherry print fabrics available! They all have cute names, but I have noticed that many use the word 'vintage' in their titles. Ah yes, these prints really recall a 20th century sensibility. I can't help but think about aprons, tablecloths and kitchen curtains! They are all so pretty, and cheery too!  just love the simplicity, it really speaks to me. But I really would like to make a quilt with a simple pattern, like this.
I made a new knitting needle-holder & knitting accessory carrier with a nice selection of cherry fabrics. It was a fresh way to organize a big mess of knitting accessories & needles that I was sorting out.
I don't simply want to stash these beautiful fabrics on a shelf in my sewing room, but instead would like to find fun & practical uses for them.  I truly believe that craft, handiwork & hobbies improve our daily lives. Sewing makes me happy.

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Knatolee said...

Love the cherry fabrics, and the knitting case!