Saturday, June 5, 2010

Aprons & Sewing Pursuits

This apron began a renewed interest in small sewing projects, namely aprons. I have begun to accumulate what is known in sewing circles as a 'stash' of fabrics! Since this new year began, I have discovered (happily) that a wide variety of beautiful cottons fabrics can be purchased online. This is very exciting news. There seems to no longer be any limitation on the design, color or themes of fabric lines available. In fact sewing, quilting and home crafts have undergone a rich renaissance as fabrics of every style or 'era' are now available. Reproduction patterns from the 1930's; 'Dick & Jane' fabrics; cherry pattern cottons  reminiscent of the 1950's and on and on can easily be found.
I have been a home sewer since the 1970's. Back in those days when I wanted to begin a sewing project, it was necessary to find an appropriate pattern and fabric. Choice was very limited. In fact, what inspired a sewing project back in those days was always a lovely pattern!  Be it a nice Simplicity skirt pattern, or a blouse pattern by Butterick,  the pattern was what I worked from and what inspired me. I was happy to buy very inexpensive muslim fabric and dye it the 'right' color. Or, embroider my own patterns on my fabric.

Now  fabric lines are available to a sewing enthusiast like collectibles. Just check out Moda Fabrics if you doubt what I say.  They have every type of pattern or inspiration imaginable, or yet to be imagined! When presented with a new line of 'Jane Austen' inspired fabrics or Mary Englebreit line, I ask myself "Would I be happy with only one or two samples from this line?" and the answer...."Of course not!".

Now I can order Fat Quarter Packs of the entire collection. These lovely Fat Quarters or FQs stack up very nicely on a book shelf or inside a basket.  I now look to the fabric collections, both in my sewing room and online for my inspiration. This is very different from how I used to sew thirty years ago!  Geesh I have sewn for a long time!

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Unknown said...

Love your blog! What fun. And I see you have been a closet blogger for soem time now. So excited to see this.

And do I love that green apron!