Wednesday, March 31, 2010

European Quilt Patterns

On a recent visit to Europe with friends, I had an opportunity to visit Vatican City. This is a strange and wonderous place. After returning home, I told friends that there was so much to see that I couldn't take it all in. What I did notice about my observations was that I appreciated alot of the artwork, colors and architecture by way of patterns... quilting patterns actually!
We were not permitted to take photos inside the Sistine Chapel, but I could not help but remark on the patterns on the floor of different colored marble stones - all quilt patterns. Not quite true - these patterns created on the floor were what pilgrims saw and then copied the ideas and recreated these patterns in quilts. Thus becoming the quilt patterns that we know (and love!) today. I found it to be quite profound. But what can I say, I am a quilter and craftsperson at heart and this is how I see the world.

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