Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vintage Find projects & collectibles...

Okay... last post... for awhile...regarding thrift store/vintage market finds.... I intend to be busy sewing and completing painting projects over the next few days!
This box is full of finds from a recent thrift store hunt - lots of fun things! See that kitchy tray? It has a map of Lake Okanagan painted on it in really great colours. It is in mint condition and my hub is from the Okanagan. Perfect find.
My find for the week - this glass hen.  I seem to be falling into the trap of falling in 'love' with certain types of items. For instance I have developed a deep crush on salt & pepper shakers - old ones from the mid 20th century. As well, creamers & sugar bowl sets, and chickens / hens too.  It is fun to find something .
I am so sorry to not have taken a 'before' picture of this little wooden toolbox.  It was paint spattered, but solid. It had the name 'Jacob' written on the bottom in pencil.  Loved it; sanded it abit, painted it black, sanded it more and waxed it!  It is beautiful. I love a useful object.
It can hold anything - fits nicely on any table or bookshelf - here it is full of sewing notions. Again, how I wish I had a 'before' picture as it is a great transformation.
Again, oh how I wish I had taken a 'before' pic.  This little spice jar set was a great find: but the glass jars still had their labels, the little shelf was raw wood and not in great shape.  Scouring, sanding and some 'DewDrop' colored paint and a good waxing. And here is the 'after'.  Those green ceramic tops on the jars are sweet.
Again, my colored knitting needle collection is growing... another collection. But oh so fun. 
Love this brightly colored table topper - vintage & found at Red Door Farm in Langley.
The colors are bright and beautiful.
Last up is my growing collection of 'Pyro - rey' ware. These milk glass pieces are popping up all over and they are great to use in the kitchen.
See you in a week or so 
- in August !


Vicki said...

Great post and I love how you are 'transforming' your found objects. Beautiful treasures. I have been treasure hunting on Vancouver Island and have a couple of boxes full of 'loves' gracing the back of my car!

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

Can're wait to see what you found!!!

Jenn said...

I recently had the thought to go treasure seeking... this never happened to me before; must be you two rubbing off on me via the FTF page!

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

Jenn - go! it is always amazing what you 'find'. amazing.