Monday, July 2, 2012

Fab Bee Blocks

thank goodness for long weekends and bursts of inspiration!  Here are my latest fab bee blocks that have been sent out in the mail.  These are LATE, but nevertheless I am happy with the results.  I was definitely working out of my comfort zone for both and yet I just trusted my instincts and hope that their recipients will be happy with them.
 This block is traveling to Vancouver to a member of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild; I have entitled this work "Vancouver Rain".  No mystery why.  It has been the wettest May & June that I can recall.
This block is going home to a fabulous fibre artist; this one was a bit intimidating, let me tell you! I was using the inspiration (as requested) of Nancy Crow & Agnes Martin (OMG!!) But I did catch a vibe while envisioning this work and have entitled it "My favourite sweater", as I seem to remember a Shetland wool sweater from the 70's with these colored stripes!  So thanks for the 'stretch' Barb!


Barb said...

Fabulous1 I love the 70's sweater reference! Thanks!

Lysa said...
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Lysa said...

Darlene! These are SO FANTASTIC! Wow! I bow down to you!

Carol Browne said...

These blocks are amazing. Such tiny strips! I love them. I've only sewn tiny strips like that by accident. I could never do it on purpose! Ha. I love your quilting. So pretty.