Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter is coming

Work has been busy,  I need a break.... here is the plan for the upcoming weekend!   (Four days!) To reconnect with family: my hub, Ms. Freshface, my tiny sewing-room, and especially my garden.  The Weather Network is calling for sunshine this Easter weekend!  So I plan to spend half my time indoors and half out of doors, in the garden!  I plan to visit my mother; spend hours in my tiny sewing-room; write long loving emails to our number 1 who is currently in Australia; make pancakes for hub; go to church; plant up my geranium pots, weed the garden; scrub down our patio furniture!    Ah, it will be glorious!



Sue said...

Sounds like a perfect 4 day weekend ! Just love geraniums ! Happy Easter !

Lysa said...

I thought you said you need a break, lol! Beautiful quilty things and flowery things Darlene!