Sunday, March 4, 2012

IKEA plastic frame + orphan block = Sewing Treasure

 Ms Freshface and I went to IKEA last weekend; this plastic frame was  one of the little items I tossed into my big plastic yellow bag as we moved through the IKEA marketplace.  Cost ?  approximately $1.99 (I think).  I noticed it was possible to display something on both sides (!)....
I didn't attend a 'Sewing Day' (or SEW IN as I call them) with other guild members on Saturday.  Instead I stayed home to catch up on laundry... blah, blah, blah....  All the same, I did get some sewing projects done as well as 'played' with some ideas.  So this was my idea; what could I put into this plastic IKEA frame, besides photos?!
Here is what I came up with...... a tiny (4") 'orphan' block, a double hourglass block that I added some lovely selvages to the top and bottom -   
    and the other side of the display has a scrap piece of fabric with the little tag that came with my 'Recipe for Friendship' layer cake.  This tag was so pretty that I hung onto it.  Now it has a new way to hang out in my sewing room.  I have just realized that framed 'artful' arrangements of salvages plus fabric would be perfect additions to the walls of my sewing room!

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