Sunday, January 22, 2012

January Joys - grateful for the time I've been given

It was a very snowy past week - so much snow in fact that the university where I work was closed for the week!
I made good use of the time - catching up on laundry, naps, reading and lots of sorting of fabrics and sewing.
I quilt, and have accumulated a large collection of quilt fabrics as well as scraps from past projects.  The pieces aren't small enough to throw away, so I keep them.

I love every bit of the fabric purchased and  like to use up every little bit! Hence I have at least a dozen large Ziploc bags filled with scraps of lovely colorful fabrics that I can't part with.
 I have always been fond of 'wonky stars' or maverick stars as I have seen them described. Quilt or table runner?  I haven't decided but I love these gentle little stars.

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