Monday, January 30, 2012

January - Goals

I find myself sewing in the kitchen simply because my sewing room has become so cluttered! I made a goal to purge, re-organize, de-clutter my sewing room this month. It is almost the end of January, so this weekend I made my move.
So I spent most of Saturday emptying the cardboard boxes I had stacked in the middle of the room. There were photo albums from my parents house; all my daughter's high school memorabilia and odd and ends that really needed to go! It is a terrible misuse of this space - but I find myself dumping things in my sewing space that I just don't want to deal with.  Then I run from the room closing the door behind me!  I am such a procrastinator.

So nice to purge - really it is,  and now that I have cleared everything that was in the way, satisfying to see what really is important to me. 
I spent hours pressing, folding and wrapping all my fabrics.  Sigh.... I love vintage style fabrics.
 This is what my cupboard looked like after I reorganized. It is like playing 'doll house'; at least that is what it feels like.  All my sewing accessories: my vintage patterns, pins, button tins & bolts of fabrics are like the 'doll house' furniture.
I may need a bigger cabinet.  Happy new year all.

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P. said...

Sounds familiar, dumping things in the sewing room to deal with later. I'm guilty of that too. Glad you got to spend some time organizing. It looks great. Love that spools quilt on the wall. Cute fabric stash too!