Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year 2012 is almost here

My latest kitchen acquisition from Lepp Farm Market.
Happy New Year Eve everyone!  I have begun to shake off the turkey and Christmas baking haze!  Hub & I were out yesterday afternoon getting some fresh air & running errands which included a stop at our favourite  farm market, Lepps - which I recommend. Freshest fruit  & vegies, a great selection of meats, cheeses, bakery goods plus kitchenware that delights me!  This place really captures the magic of Abbotsford. For me at least.

Hub was kind enough to take me to a few quilt stores - and I found my heart's desire at Quilt Essentials! If you live in the vicinity - please check out the fabrics!  Lots on sale too!
And I have begun to feel healthy again - I had the worst cold this past week!  Thank goodness for that 'Christmas adrenaline' rush that helped get me through the Christmas festivities.... and, well I did take alot of cold medications.  But I am feeling like myself once more and pulled out the sewing machine.  I am completing my double hourglass quilt top.  I hope to have it all pieced before the New Year begins.
Wishing you many wonderful adventures in 2012.


Anonymous said...


Happy New year! I hope you have became my E-mail to Christmas. I wish you lots of fun by the market. Lots greetings from Germany send to you and your Family Anni

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

Happy New Year Anni-chan ! all the best to you in 2012 !

Knatolee said...

I sure miss Quilt Essentials. I loved that store!! Happy New Year!