Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vintage Rock Maple Heaven

This has been a great start to what I hope will be a very productive week at home.Yesterday I scored a great buy of drapery panels on clearance! and today hub & I picked up these sweet living-room tables.
I have booked a week off work so that I can devote time for some house projects.  Both exciting & tiring, as once a house project becomes 'my project', meaning that I am really focused on it - I can be relentless.  My hub dreads this phenomena, as he fears the 'domino effect',  you know.... all the other resulting projects ( & expenses) that are sure to unfold once you have finally gotten down to dismantling a bedroom, or kitchen, or entire main floor!
I never simply repaint any room & then put everything back in it's original place.... oh no, that never happens, once everything has been taken down/apart, it always lead to another new furniture or draperies or shelving or lighting. As my biggest project for this week is to repaint the interior of our house, there is lots of potential for the dreaded domino effect!
But I really wanted to share some photos of my latest acquisitions.   I have fallen in love with this lovely second-hand set of rock maple tables that I scored last week.  They are probably from the 1970's, but they have that lovely 1950's vibe - I just adore them!  And I think they are going to be very happy at our house too!
I am smitten with them. I haven't found anything in the entire Pottery Barn catalog that has turned my head as much as these beauties.
They are almost in perfect condition and are full of vintage appeal.

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