Saturday, April 23, 2011


This black & white photo of my sister and I was taken in Verdun Quebec, 1962 . 
I have been scanning all the photographs from my mothers' house this past month. I meant to have scanned them all last summer but I kept putting it off.  
It has been a very inspiring project and a very thought-provoking experience as well.  Although I am not finished I feel good about recording these images (hundreds & hundreds) from the last five or more decades.  I have seen pictures of family members that I have never met, but have heard many stories about. So nice to have a face to put to the name.
This picture is a snapshot of a sunny afternoon at a city park, and when you live in the city it is a treat to go to the park to play, lovely.  Besides I really love our shoes & dresses. Our mother always dressed us with such care.
Happy Easter.  Happy spring.


Anonymous said...


A really nice and cute Photo from you and your sister. I wish you and your Family a happy Eastertime.

Lots greetings from Germany send to you Anni-chan

Darlene Barnes Rosner said...

Happy Easter to you and your family Anni-chan!!

Eileen said...

I love your old photos Darlene,and yes I do see the family resemblance. :-) Your old photos look similar to mine! I am also scanning old 35 mm slides. Terribly tedious job, but they are deteriorating and if we don’t do them now those heirlooms may be lost.

Keep up the good work,

Les_F said...

What a fantastic photo of you & your sister, the park swings I remember them well,Do you know which park this was,could have been any of te avenues,it sort of looks like maybe Willibrord aprk which bordered both Willibrord Av & !st av,..or maybe it was Brown Blvd ? In anycase it is a great photo,glad you saved it.
We have had a Verdun site for about 9plus years now. It started on MSN,.then migrated over to what they call Multiply.
If you like Verdun pictures there are plenty in the Photo section & some videos in the video section too,.you are welcome to check it out if you like.There are message boards there too.Not as busy as it once was,but still some things of interest.If you ever join it ,we'd love to see more of your photos.
Cheers ! Les