Friday, February 18, 2011

A Large Sampling of Quilty Blogs to peruse....c/o

This large sampling of quilt blogs is from a favourite blog Red Pepper Quilts. Definitely worth a look. Actually I try to catch up with all that is going on at Red Pepper Quilts once a week (at least). If you are looking for fresh quilting inspiration in the modern aesthetic, then head on over and enjoy! How long will it take to check out these blogs??  Good question, but isn't it great to have such a nice grouping all on one page? The more I browse, the happier I feel.    Happy quilting adventures all.

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Selfsewn said...

Hi Darlene thanks for your comment regarding my quilt top.

A few people have said to hand quilt it, but to be truthful I think it would make it even more busy.

In real life it's alot more 'in your face', so I'm thinking simple machine lines. Having said that I'm not sure the logistics will be very good by machine, ie. bunching and turning..

Red pepper quilts is my favourite blog!!